Friday, September 30, 2011

FundaDOMs in DreamLand Aqua Park

Swim time for the Abu Dhabi FundaDOMs, a wacky and wild time when we decided to spent the weekends of May 2011 in DreamLand Aqua Park, not a typical water park but a resort. They offers food, drinks, water rides, slides, dry parks, sports facilities and accommodation.

In a mostly arid place like UAE it is very relaxing to have refreshing cool swim, so here we went.

We traveled from Abu Dhabi to Umm Al Quwain's DreamLand Aqua Park, an approximate 150 miles drive which made us very exhausted and hungry mixed with excitement to feel the venue. When we arrived though we're hungry, the feeling of jumping in the water to get rid of the exhaustion is in our highest priority but we played cool and smooth we don't wanted to be a show-off.

After the food and the refreshing drinks, we walked around the park to filled our eyes with stunning views (women☺), we even met one of the Abu Dhabi Kups (friend) who drove with his own buddies, Mr. Shem.

The water slides are radical specially the 50 foot high Kamikaze and the dark tunnel ride inside the Twisting Dragons, they also have the 1,250,000 liters of water Wave Pool if you're looking for an ocean-like experience. We swam thrilled and joyed the rides at the same time. We also played funny basketball at their dry attraction. The day of all the plays, rides and laughter made us hungry again for an eat-all-you-can dinner.

The water park was good but the travel back home even better. We lost our way going back to Abu Dhabi in a 6 hours drive. A great trip with the Abu Dhabi KUPS aka FundaDOMs.

Obviously the whole gathering will never be completed without a drink... Cheers!

To view more pictures visit the Dream Land Aqua Park Gallery.


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