Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Previous Company Pals

These are the Friends and Foes from my previous company, ALEC (Al Jaber LEGT Engineering and Contracting) - a construction firm in the UAE. My first company out of my home land. The people who hates and love me, the people who gave me an extensive experience and pressure which I treasure now.

I joined ALEC November 2008, 4 months later I arrived as a tourist and my first work abroad,
the opportunity that I will never forget. The first job that stopped me from my other activities in life and concentrate only all in work (a continuous heavy paper works), and is the company where I worked with most of my friends were from different countries.

In less than 3 years, I've worked in 4 different projects of ALEC which made me knew almost half of the thousand staff. Some stayed as my friend, some are as rivals and some as family. When your new in a company and if you're a friendly person, the eagerness to meet everybody around you is an aspiration in able to be comfortable in your work place. Normally, you are only given a chance to meet who's planned and not all of them but for me is a different case. I assure that I met everybody and made friends, I shared and taught enough to reached other staff to know me and the things that I can do. If it’s not only because of my personal reasons, I am pretty sure I will still be with ALEC until now.

To know more about Alec as a company you can visit their web site at and to know the people you can find them on Facebook “Alec or Alec Pinoy”.

My apology limited resources, I only have few group pictures to include all the staff. The Pictures above are only from my last project with Alec.


  1. makko, dapat makulay din ang background mo! para masaya tingnan! congrats you made it! Menchie

  2. A very good blog makko..really enjoyed viewing your pictures..some them were really funny :) hope to see some more....

  3. I surely will... Thanks for the compliment!