Monday, January 2, 2012

Foreign "Buddies"

The 2 eligible bachelors of Syria. Fun sniffers but goal seekers who were now residing in the UAE. Khaled in Dubai and Caesar in Al Ain. So far, these are my 2 closest non-Filipino friend.

Khaled Al Shikh - (crazy cool, easy go lucky, girl hunter and a Hunk). Introduced by “Haring Bastos” back in 2009 as his co-worker. He, who impressed everyone,   Who only knew few Tagalog words that time, and still stuck around and tries to answer back in his own way with precision using pure intellect whenever asked in Tagalog

Then, Caesar Ramos - (Firm, smooth, "a simple type of guy" and claims to be more Hunkier than Khaled hehehe!). Brought by Khaled on his  birthday celebration here in the UAE and was the time when I first met him. Caesar who's having fun and partying with us until now. In-fact the group did a small gathering just last December 23, 2011 in his place, in Al Ain.

These 2 are still in-touch and will never be forgotten by the group. They are our friends and forever will stays as makko's Pal. 

Kups... Cheers!


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