Monday, January 16, 2012

Android Watch - I'm Watch

Remember your good old gizmo spy movie hero who uses a hi-tech watch that can-do-anything? Well closed enough and this might have more in the future.

Gadget manufacturers' awareness of how open android operating systems to developer made the porting possible to almost everything with electronic circuitry. Even in a watch they managed to port the OS to create a very interesting gadget, a smart watch.

Yes Sir, the first true android watch that notifies and interacts without holding your mobile phone. A well engineered and designed watch to suits your life in the fast lane. A device that tell us about  time will now also give access on what's happening in your phone and in the net.

Watch the video and look how would your interest be?

You can stay connected to all your social network activities. Everything will be on the tip of your finger on your risk. I'm watch, you're always up-to-date, you'll always be on TIME.


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