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'Mayan Calendar' Dooms Day 2012 - The Truth

Most of us are living now in the world of technology with computing devices as part of daily life. When I was a kid, I always thought intuitive speculations will soon be gone because of Science and its fact. Well, I was wrong. As the world moves to digital era, news and events were being spread digitally as well and more intense than the old days because of readers and listeners on the internet can be at any age. Irresponsible broadcasting may lead us wondering and made us jump to an incorrect conclusions.

As I read and collect these phenomenon of 2012, it scared me. I do not believe in superstitions but interests me when facts, bible and superstitions met but no clear explanation to sync your thoughts. You try to do an internet search of "End of the World" and it will return results enough to scare you. Such threatening discussions that could have a major effect on how individuals would managed their lives today. 

One of these interesting discussions that could surely captured your attention is about “Mayan Calendar December 21, 2012 End of the World”. Some said true and other said false. Well let us find out when, where and how it started?

Maya - Mesoamerican (middle American) civilization that said to have a calendar  predicted end of the world.

There were a lot of calendars that had been recorded in the world’s history, every calendar do not end but in cycle continuously every new year! All of it were based in the earth astronomical behavior. If most of calendar are made this way then how did it started?

It all began 1975. A romantic author, Frank Waters, who devoted a brief section to Mayan Calendar End in his  1975 book “Mexico Mystique”. In the book He identified the 13-baktun interval as a "Mayan Great Cycle. After that, the interval gained attention and considered by good story tellers as the Center of all plots and correlated it to other phenomenon.

"The calendar is set to end the great cycle on December 21, 2012" is the claim of most novelists who misinformed us by their sweet stories and convincing explanations. To be specific, they centered their theories from the last count of the calendar and did not elaborated the next cycle to readers to understand. Instead, they presented phenomenal events that have been reported to happen in 2012 to support their convincing stories just to gain profit and attention.

As End of Mayan Calendar approaches then doomsday theories were predicted. Mayan Scholar and natives found it odd when people associated their calendar Great Cycles with the phrase "End of the World". In where their calendar was made in circle which proved no point of end but clearly in circle.

Scholars also emphasized that there is no Mayan inscription or writing that predicts end of the world  [source: MacDonald]. Scholars and natives already dismissed the rumor about the apocalyptic theories a long time ago and said that End of The Great Cycle is much like modern-day New Year Celebration. All the doomsday predictions associated with the end of the said calendar are unscientific and perpetrated by frauds and hoaxers.

The only notable event that will happen December 21 - 22 of this year is the winter solstice. The time at which the Sun is at its southernmost point in the sky (northernmost point in the Southern Hemisphere) appearing at noon at its lowest height above the horizon. Solstices happen twice every year, summer solstice in June and winter solstice in December, both in the 21st - 22nd of the months. What made it different from other years solstice is because this year the so-called Solar Sun’s Spot (Solar Storm Spot) is facing Earth. Sun rotates every 11 years and the last time the Sun’s spot faced earth was 2001 which had the hottest summer temperature recorded in the earth’s history.

"Beware of Hoax"

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