Friday, March 9, 2012

Cheap Electronics to Buy - Stores and Websites 'UAE'

I decided to wrote about this after I commented a blog related to the price of a branded LED TV and compared the difference between 2 locations on the same date and time. The result really surprised us, it was half the price, even if we included shipping taxes. So why not give people an idea where all sorts of electronics really depreciate well, right?

Place like this do not really sell products in the cheapest like other country does. The main reasons are supply, demand and product innovation (Most of electronics were being replaced by latest models of its own in less than a year). At first I thought it was their “No Tax Collection” law that made products cheap, like most people thought, but not until I realized these factors. The country which surprised us was...

United Arab Emirates (UAE), most particularly the emirates (state) of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

Dubai's Burj Kalifa (Tallest Building in the World)

and Dubai Burj Al Arab & Resort - right to left.
UAE is listed 6th in the World’s Wealthiest Nations as per their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita [source: Forbes]. The Country offers better foreign investments opportunities and benefits to attract  investors around the world. The Government’s campaign for residents’ and tourists’ safety is at its best. The Cities’ Commercial Establishments and Buildings were remarkably built in less than 50 years at the modern art. The dedication of their development are not only for locals but focused to catch-the-attention of all people internationally in different living status. - “So much for that”….

 Abu Dhabi's Ferrari World
Electronics in UAE were being compared to a bowl of nuts to be  consumed and replaced with fresh ones. Places where most people have computers & smart phones as part of their daily necessities. Stores here do not offer initially cheap electronics but suppliers dumped bulk stocks almost every week forcing their own brand to be in promotional sales – “if that’s the case, how do they profit? Don't care as long as consumer benefits from their strategic marketing”.

This idea may not be advisable for people who are staying in the places where electronic manufactures resides like China, for sure they will have cheaper products there but worth trying than to hassle direct from manufacturers and hoping to get good discount.

Lucky for those who have relatives, friends or any sort of contacts in the UAE, you have somebody to ask  the prices of your favorite gadgets. For those who don't have and wanted to check for themselves how cheap, here I listed famous electronic stores and websites, then compare from your location.

Carrefour-Malls’ Supermarket 
Sharaf DG-Electronic Store
Plug-ins-Electronic Store
Jumbo-Electronic Store
Jacky’s-Electronic Store
Cobone-Online Shopping Store

There are a lot of countries who offers great promotional discount on branded electronics regularly. UAE is only one of  them. To give you some, they are Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Bahrain, Qatar and Japan.

If you knew other countries than what we have here, please share us your thoughts, give us other options on where to buy. Gadgets and Computer Freaks are more than willing to check.


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